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Whether it’s adding more hair or removing them, we are the experts. Welcome to Seattle’s choice for lash extensions and waxing.

Adorn Beauty Salon

Located in the Central District of Seattle, Adorn is a beauty salon specializing in eyelash extensions and waxing. Whether it’s shaping the perfect brow or sculpting the right set of lashes, we make you look and feel your best while having time for more important things.

Fully accredited in eyelash extensions and full body hair removal, our estheticians are trained to take meticulous care in not only achieving the right look for you but to make the experience comfortable. Please come visit our new location!

Eyelash Extensions

  • Add volume, enhance, lift, and elongate your natural eyes and look drawing more people to your eyes.
  • You’ll never have to wear mascara ever again. Meaning you can swim, cry, sweat and you won’t have racoon eyes.
  • Does not damage your natural lashes while feeling lightweight or even nothing at all, unlike those glued on falsies.

Classic Lashes

Offers more definition while still looking natural. With Classic Lashes, an individual false lash is applied to each natural lash creating a more natural look compared to other lash extensions.

  • $215 (full set)
    • $85 (regular fill)
    • $100 (extended fill)

Hybrid Lashes

Alternating between Classic and Volume techniques, Hybrid Lashes provide a fluffier look than a Classic set and is ideal for those seeking a more textured look. Best of both worlds!

  • $255 (full set)
    • $95 (regular fill)
    • $115 (extended fill)

Volume Lashes

Best suited for sparse lash lines, Volume Lashes applies 4 to 8 false lashes to each natural lash. Ideal for those who want a more glam look without the need for eye makeup. Our most popular service.

  • $280 (full set)
    • $100 (regular fill)
    • $125 (extended fill)

Eyelash Lift & Tint

Enhance your natural lashes by lifting them and making them appear longer and fuller. Lasts 6-8 weeks! Perfect for those who naturally have long lashes already.

  • Eyelash Lift & Tint $120

Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination is a treatment that creates thicker, fuller looking brows by lifting and shaping the brow hair upwards to achieve the fuller-looking eyebrows. Results looks similar to using brow gel, but this can last up to 6 weeks

  • Lamination $80
  • Lamination + Tinting $100
  • Lamination + Tinting + Shaping $125

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Tinting is a noninvasive way to enhance and define your existing brow and/or eyelash hairs using semi-permanent dye to darken the finer and lighter hairs. Ideal for clients with blonde or brunette hair color. Can last up to 4-6 weeks depending on skin and hair type.

  • Eyelash Tinting $35
  • Eyebrow Tinting $25

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Not all eyelash extensions are created equal and after years of searching we have sourced the finest quality false lashes and adhesives available.

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We stay on top of the latest applications and techniques so we can offer you the best options in lash extensions & waxing.

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Our facility & equipment are routinely sterilized and our shop implements Covid-safe procedures. We are a certified Barbicide® disinfection salon.

Lash Lift & Tint

Lash lifts are essentially a perm for your natural lashes, creating a serious eye-opening look. This relatively low-maintenance process lifts, curls, and darkens the lashes but with far less upkeep than lash extensions. Results typically last 5 to 7 weeks, depending on how quickly your eyelashes grow. For those looking for a low maintenance, eye-popping natural look, this might be a treatment to consider. Come in for the best lash lift in Seattle!

Our Shop


Licensed Estheticians

Our team are all licensed estheticians who are certified by industries leaders such as Novalash, Borboleta, and Ellebana. Meticulous in our work.


Our Boutique

Chic & Hygienic

Adorn offers a calm, relaxed atmosphere so you can feel comfortable while we work on you.

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Check out our work!

We take pride in what we do and are proud to show it off. Please have a look at our recent work.

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Owen Bull
Owen Bull
Absolutely thrilled with my eyebrow lamination experience here! My brows look sogood.. The process was a breeze, and the results exceeded my expectations. It's likea mini makeover that I didn’t know I needed. Super grateful to have stumbled uponthis cute little shop.
Charlie Johnston
Charlie Johnston
Jackie goes beyond what I expected and left me impressed after my first visit! Sheis so friendly and sweet, and took time to make sure we had the shape I was lookingfor. I haven’t had lash extensions since the beginning of the pandemic and the setshe did on me was absolutely wonderful!
Jake Faulkner
Jake Faulkner
So happy with service!My eyelashes and my eyebrows POPS after the eyebrow lamination and keratin lashlift. Let me start by saying that Jackie is very sweet, creative and a greatprofessional.✔
Oliver Booth
Oliver Booth
My natural lashes are long but they grow straight down so you wouldn’t even tellthey are there. I’ve recently discovered lash lifts and have gotten my lashes liftedtwo times now by Natasha & Jackie.They do a fabulous job and are super friendly,and I get so many compliments.👌
chetan patadiya
chetan patadiya
Absolutely loving my new eyelash extensions! They've added such a glam to mylook. The lash tech was skilled and ensured I got the style I wanted. My only hiccupwas getting a booking – took a bit of patience as they are pretty booked up. But,once I got in, the results were worth the wait. WIll definitely be back.
alpesh kanani
alpesh kanani
I’ve been coming to Adorn for eyebrow lamination, tinting, and shaping combo, andthey never disappoint! They absolutely nailed the perfect shape and matched thetint to my hair roots every time. Looking forward to trying other services from here!
Walker Harper
Walker Harper
Had a Brazilian waxing done and overall, it was a great experience! The estheticianwas professional and made me feel at ease. My only minor concern was that thewax was a tad too hot, but the results were worth it. Smooth and confident now!Giving 4 stars because of the slight discomfort. Will definitely be back for theirservice.
Cindy Luong
Cindy Luong
Natasha is one of the best lash technicians I’ve met so far! I always tell her if there was ever a zombie apocalypse I would need her on my team! XD she cares about your lash health and is always fun to talk to! The establishment is very nice and relaxing as well. I feel comfortable and safe there. Everyone is really nice anyone you choose here would have you leave fluttering your lashes happily booking for your next fill! 😊
Lucero Torres
Lucero Torres
I love this place! I have eyelash lifting here and Kyle is amazing!