Brow Lamination in Seattle

Brow lamination is a fun and non-invasive way to achieve that “clean girl” look and skip the brow routine every morning. If you want fuller, cleaner, and more defined brows, this is the service for you! Adorn Beauty of Seattle provides full glam services including lash extensions, waxing, brow lamination, and brow and lash tinting and lifting.

Why Choose Brow Lamination

What if we told you there’s a way to say goodbye to your daily eyebrow routine and still look glamorous? Brow lamination is a new, innovative technique that promises beautifully shaped, full, and hassle-free brows for weeks. 


Nervous about trying something new? Brow lamination is not really about changing your brow shape, but about making the most of what you’ve got. It’s a low-maintenance option to enhance your natural beauty.

The Benefits of Laminated Brows

Fuller Brows:
If your eyebrows are sparse or thinning, brow lamination effortlessly creates the illusion of full, voluminous brows.

Beautiful Brow Arch:
Tired of your stubborn eyebrow hairs disobeying your brow shape? Brow lamination keeps every hair in place and gives you a defined beautiful brow arch.

Painless and Safe:
Unlike microblading or tattooing, brow lamination is a painless and non-invasive procedure. Plus, all products used are safe and have been rigorously tested.

Zero Maintenance:
With laminated brows, say goodbye to your morning brow make-up routine. For 4-8 weeks, you’ll wake up with gorgeous, tame eyebrows.

Long Lasting:
Laminated brows typically last anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks. As the leading brow laminators in Seattle, our technicians are always on the hunt for the newest, highest-quality products to ensure the longest-lasting lamination possible.

Tips from Seattle’s Experts

Before Care

  • Don’t exfoliate: On the day of your appointment, come in fresh-faced, but don’t over-exfoliate with scrubs or AHAs. It could cause your skin to react to the chemicals and burn a bit.
  • Share your desired brow shape: Each person’s face shape is different. Share with your brow artist the sort of look you’re aiming for ahead of time so you’re both on the same page!

After Care

  • Keep your brows dry: To allow the Brow Lamination to set properly, avoid getting your brows wet for at least 24 hours post-treatment. This includes avoiding steamy showers and sweaty workouts.
  • Avoid using harsh products: Harsh creams or make-ups could interfere with your brow lamination results. Instead, opt for natural, gentle products.
  • Maintain with a brow serum: A brow serum will not only nourish and condition your brows but also help maintain the shape for longer.


Brow lamination involves using a gentle chemical concoction to subtly soften each brow hair. It’s similar to a perm. Specialists artfully re-sculpt each strand, lifting and setting it into a more polished, refined shape.

Brow lamination can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks. To extend its effects, make sure to moisturize with an oil each night and avoid exposure to excessive heat.

Don’t wear makeup on your brows for at least 48 hours. We find that most clients don’t feel the need to put makeup on their brows because they already look so good!

Microblading is best for people who have patchy or sparse brows because it can fill in those impossible-to-cover places. Lamination is better for achieving a clean, sleek, full look.

After that 4-6 week period when the lamination wears off, your brows will start growing out and go back to their natural pattern!

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Spruce Up Your Look With Our Brow Lamination in Seattle

Ditch your brow pencil, embrace those no-makeup selfies, and flaunt your natural beauty. Brow Lamination in Seattle is becoming ‘the’ must-have for many, thanks to its power to take your brows from zero to 100 in just one appointment.

Achieve the fuller and feathery effect today!