Seward Park

Seward Park is a residential neighborhood located in southeast Seattle, Washington. Named after the adjacent Seward Park, the neighborhood is bordered by Lake Washington to the east, Rainier Beach to the south, and Columbia City to the north. It is known for its scenic beauty, family-friendly environment, and strong sense of community. The neighborhood offers a mix of natural landscapes, recreational activities, and local amenities.

Parks and Recreational Areas

Seward Park: The centerpiece of the neighborhood, Seward Park spans 300 acres and features a variety of recreational opportunities. The park includes old-growth forest trails, a 2.4-mile paved loop for walking and biking, a swimming beach, and picnic areas. The Seward Park Audubon Center, located within the park, offers environmental education programs and birdwatching events.

Stan Sayres Memorial Park: Also known as “Sayres Pits,” this park is located along Lake Washington and is a popular spot for boaters and rowers. It is home to the Seattle Yacht Club’s junior sailing program and provides access to the lake for various water activities.

Genesee Park and Playfield: This park offers sports fields, a playground, and a dog park. It is a popular spot for community sports leagues and family outings. The adjacent Pritchard Island Beach provides additional waterfront access and a swimming area.


Seward Park Clay Studio: Located within Seward Park, this community pottery studio offers classes, workshops, and open studio time for ceramic artists of all skill levels. It is a hub for local artists and those interested in learning the craft of pottery.

Lake Washington Boulevard: This scenic roadway runs along the shore of Lake Washington and provides stunning views of the water and the Cascade Mountains. It is a popular route for cyclists, joggers, and those looking to enjoy a leisurely drive.

Restaurants and Cafés

Third Place Books and Raconteur: A local bookstore and café that offers a wide selection of books and a menu featuring coffee, pastries, and light meals. It is a favorite spot for residents to relax, read, and meet friends.

Pizzuto’s Italian Café: A family-owned restaurant known for its traditional Italian dishes, including pasta, pizza, and seafood. The cozy atmosphere and friendly service make it a popular choice for both casual dining and special occasions.

Caffe Vita: A local coffee shop that serves expertly brewed coffee and espresso drinks. It is a popular spot for both residents and visitors to enjoy a cup of coffee and catch up on work or conversation.

Flying Lion Brewing: A nearby microbrewery that offers a selection of craft beers brewed on-site. The taproom provides a relaxed environment for enjoying a pint with friends or participating in community events.

Yearly Festivals and Events

Seafair: An annual summer festival that includes hydroplane races, an airshow featuring the Blue Angels, and various community events. Seward Park is a prime viewing location for the hydroplane races and provides a festive atmosphere during the event.

Art in the Park: This annual event showcases local artists and their work within the scenic setting of Seward Park. Visitors can view and purchase art, participate in workshops, and enjoy live music and food vendors.

Seward Park Audubon Center Events: The Audubon Center hosts various events throughout the year, including birdwatching tours, nature walks, and educational programs focused on local wildlife and conservation efforts.

Community Services and Facilities

Seward Park Community Center: This facility offers a variety of programs and activities for residents of all ages, including fitness classes, youth programs, and community events. It serves as a gathering place for the neighborhood and provides valuable resources for families and individuals.

Columbia Branch Library: A branch of the Seattle Public Library system located nearby in the Columbia City neighborhood. The library offers a wide range of books, media, and educational programs for all ages.

Graham Hill Elementary School: A public school serving the Seward Park neighborhood. The school offers a strong academic program and various extracurricular activities for students from kindergarten through fifth grade.


Seward Park is accessible by several King County Metro bus routes, providing connections to downtown Seattle and other neighborhoods. The area is also bike-friendly, with designated bike lanes and paths along Lake Washington Boulevard. While the neighborhood is primarily residential, it is well-connected to major thoroughfares, making it easy to commute to other parts of the city.


The Seward Park neighborhood offers a mix of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartment buildings. The residential areas are characterized by tree-lined streets and well-maintained homes, many of which offer views of Lake Washington. The housing market in Seward Park includes a range of price points, catering to both renters and homeowners.

Local Businesses

Seward Park is home to a variety of small businesses that cater to the needs of the community. These include grocery stores, boutiques, salons, and professional services. Some notable local businesses include:

Island Pacific Supermarket: A grocery store offering a wide range of products, including fresh produce, meats, and specialty items. It is a convenient spot for residents to do their daily shopping.

Rainier Avenue Pet Hospital: Providing veterinary care for pets in the neighborhood, this clinic offers services ranging from routine check-ups to emergency care.

King Donuts Teriyaki and Laundromat: A unique local business that combines a donut shop, teriyaki restaurant, and laundromat. It is a popular spot for residents to enjoy a meal while doing their laundry.

Seward Park is a vibrant and scenic neighborhood in Seattle that offers a mix of recreational, dining, and community amenities. With its expansive park, waterfront access, and local events, it provides residents and visitors with numerous opportunities for leisure and engagement. The neighborhood’s commitment to community, education, and the environment makes it a welcoming place for people of all backgrounds.

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